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It’s fair season for the personal care industry! Over the next few months, thousands will gather at tradeshows and conferences to gain industry knowledge and to expand their networks with new connections and business opportunities. When it comes to cosmetics events, in-person, face-to-face attendance is even more important, due to the highly sensorial nature of the products – requiring an in-depth understanding of the real look & feel of certain ingredients, and their resulting formulations. 

The leading global event for personal care ingredients, in-cosmetics Global, is happening next week already in Paris, from April 16-18th. Covalo is proud to be an official partner of in-cosmetics, offering an online ingredients platform that keeps the personal care industry connected, all year round – before, during, and after these physical events. 

Are you going to in-cosmetics Global 2024 next week? If you’ve been to the event, or other industry events before, you might know that it can be a LOT to take in and navigate. So, here are our top tips on how to best prepare before the event, what you shouldn’t miss during the event, and what to do after it ends – to ensure that you don’t miss a beat and make your time and energy count. 

BEFORE: Preparing for your visit

These large-scale events require some planning and preparation to ensure that you drown out the noise and stay focused on what matters most for your business. The more you prepare in advance, the less time you spend feeling overwhelmed and lost at the event itself. Spending a couple hours planning your visit goes a very long way, and we can’t recommend it enough!

  1. Have you registered? This might be a no-brainer, but because in-cosmetics Global is free to sign up, many people leave it to the last minute. If you haven’t already done so, register here for in-cosmetics Global 2024 for free, and make sure you have your ticket.
  2. Define your objectives for the event, and ask yourself what you’re most interested in taking part in. Take a look at the rich agenda that will be happening during these three jam-packed days. More on this in the next “during” section of this blog post. 
  3. Find specific exhibitors, innovative ingredients, or new trends – whatever it is that you’re looking for: 
4.    Plan your visit and have an action plan
  • Bookmark the ingredients that are of interest, so you can always check them from your phone during the event. To bookmark, click the star icon to the left of the ingredient or formulation
  • Send inquiries to exhibitors for documents, quotes, samples or any other query directly on Covalo with 2 clicks. When you get to the event, you can focus the discussion on what can only be done in person: testing the ingredients and getting to know the exhibitor. 


DURING: Follow through on your action plan, and soak it all in

in-cosmetics is not only known for attracting and bringing together thousands of industry experts and professionals across all levels, but also for making it a fun, exploratory, and interactive experience for all. They take pride in hosting deep discussions and for sharing knowledge that matters for the industry and for society at large. 

While you don’t want to miss out on the key things that inspire you and might be impactful for business, it’s also important to accept that there’s simply no way to do it all. Taking a look at the rich agenda in advance will do wonders for ensuring that you have a full understanding of everything the event has to offer, which will help you cherry-pick from there. Feel free to also leave some room and time for spontaneous encounters and see where things take you.

What does the event consist of? 

Industry knowledge presentations & discussions: 

    • Marketing Trends: Get to know industry market intelligence and insights from top research agencies like Mintel and Euromonitor, and stay ahead of industry regulations and trends. 
    • Technical Seminars: Explore cutting-edge personal care technologies from top ingredient suppliers, and stay at the forefront of industry advancements to elevate your product development strategies. 
    • Formulation Lab - our favorite: exclusive to R&D professionals, so you get all the technical terms, details, and discussions that go deep and are not “watered down”. Note that pre-registration is required, so this is one that you’ll want to plan ahead! 
    • Sustainability Zone: Theater & Forum: Elevate your company’s sustainability credentials and practices by exploring the latest developments in sustainable solutions. Learn how to truly embrace sustainability, from ingredient sourcing to waste management.

Exhibitors showcasing their latest innovations:

in-cosmetics Global is truly a wonderland for beauty creators. There are plenty of incredibly inviting and attractive booths in sight, all around the venue. Feel free to get lost and explore! If you are crunched for time, or want to save some steps and energy, we have some tricks up our sleeve to share with you: 

  • Use the Covalo x in-cosmetics platform and leverage the filters on the spot. Among the hundreds of exhibitors, you can easily narrow down to the few that are most likely to have exactly what you need. Covalo’s online platform allows you to quickly pre-vet the exhibitors so that you can be better prepared for in-person conversations with them, discussing only the relevant topics and dedicating proper time to those who are most likely to have the biggest business impact.
  • Filter by: Applications, Certifications, Sustainability claims, Performance claims, and more
  • If you have a specific ingredient in mind, you can type it into the search bar and instantly see which exhibitors produce the ingredient
  • Check the bookmarks for ingredients of interest you marked at home directly on your phone, by clicking the star icon, “Your bookmarks,” next to the search bar. Every exhibitor company profile on Covalo will have their booth number, and a link to an interactive map that tells you exactly where they are located in the venue. 

Themed discovery areas:

There are areas dedicated to innovation, sustainability, specific regions, specific applications, and so much more. Essentially, there’s an area for everything and anything that’s relevant to the industry! Here are our top picks:

  • Sensory Bar: Experience exciting and invigorating sensations through touch & texture, smell, and taste. 
  • Make-up Bar: Explore the vibrant pigments and color trends and get inspired around what’s next in the makeup realm, from eyeshadows and foundations to lip lacquers. 
  • Sustainability Pavillion: Powered by Farmforce, this area helps you connect with suppliers who can elevate your sustainability efforts. Identify and explore sustainable solutions across the cosmetics value chain. 
  • First Time Exhibitor Zone: Discover the exciting debut of 100+ first-time exhibitors at in-cosmetics Global, showcasing new personal care suppliers from around the world. 

Guided tours by experts: 

This is a different way to visit the event! In-cosmetics has put together a few paths dedicated to specific visitor groups. Join these tours to hear from experts first-hand. 

  • R&D Tours: there will be 3 different tours dedicated to 3 different trending themes: 1) Neurocosmetics, 2) Advancements in Microbiome, and 3) Skinification of the Scalp. You will be able to find the ingredients discussed during these tours on a dedicated project template on Covalo, so you can learn all about these themes on the tour, and easily explore them in depth once you’re back home!
  • Indie Trail: If you’re a small brand or just getting started, you can be sure to focus your efforts on the exhibitors in the “Indie Trail,” those who would be happy to supply small quantities of ingredients. This is not specifically a tour, but a path that allows you to connect with suppliers that can work with small-scale orders. 

For further details on the agenda, check out what’s on at in-cosmetics for more information. 

Visit the Covalo booth: 

Get lost? Need a helping hand? Need pointers on where to find the latest innovation that’s relevant for you? Want to fine-tune your plan for the day? Simply find us at booth F8 (in Pavilion 1, on the platform that takes you to the bridge connecting the 2 pavilions). You can’t miss our central location, and we would love nothing more than to help you with your needs. 

If you swing by our booth, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Reduce your ingredient search time by 90%
  • Make your visit to the event 100% more efficient
  • Find and compare the most groundbreaking ingredients and exhibitors in the industry 

For an extra good time, you’re also invited to join us for a Happy Hour from 4:30pm-6pm on Wednesday, April 17th. Come say hi! We’ll be serving great drinks, snacks, music, and jokes.

AFTER: Keeping up the momentum and staying connected to the industry

We’re confident that you will have had an amazing and inspiring three days, jam-packed with new information, connections, and buzzing from the energy of everyone around you! It’s all too easy to just go back to “business as usual” after events like these, but it’s critical to keep up the momentum and make these 3 days count, refer back to what you learned, keep exploring innovations, and stay connected to the industry so that you can do your best work and drive business forward. 

But how is it possible to achieve this after the event? The Covalo x in-cosmetics online platform that helped you out before and during the event, operates all year round. Our mission is to connect brands with suppliers to speed up their product development process, bringing new products to market faster. 

What are your next steps? During the event, was there anything that stuck with you where you said, “I need to follow up on this”, or “I should really look into this further!” Covalo is your place to go, for every next step. 

  • Do you need to check ingredients’ INCI, claims, and documents to select the right ones for your projects? 
    • Find all the ingredients you saw at the event, filter them to your needs, and send inquiries to suppliers in only 2 clicks! 
  • Need formulation examples so you don’t have to start from a blank sheet? 
  • Want to explore the ingredients and exhibitors discussed during the R&D tours? 
    • There will be project templates on your Covalo project space detailing the key ingredients discussed in each of the 3 themed tours (Neurocosmetics, Microbiome and Skinification of the scalp)
  • Didn’t get a chance to explore everything? Don’t worry - that’s a nearly impossible feat. 
    • Easily find all the award winners and nominees, innovation zone ingredients, and even the 2024 launches that were just revealed at the event!

Remember, the Covalo x in-cosmetics platform bridges the physical event with digital possibilities in the personal care industry, all year round, on

Can't make it to the event? 

No problem, we will be your ears and eyes on the ground. Stay tuned for the following updates from us:

  • We’ll be releasing the 2024 launches that exhibitors reveal at the event, on the day the event begins. It will be online on
  • You can already see the award nominees for the Best Functional Ingredient (Innovation Zone), Best Active Ingredient (Innovation Zone), Kenvue Trusted Science Award, and the Green Award. The award winners will be released right after the awards ceremony.
    • We will also bring one of the award judges to our next podcast episode to share what differentiates the dozens of applications received this year from the previous years, the overall selection process, and where they saw groundbreaking innovations!
  • We will be sharing with you all the trends observed online (through thousands of searches on Covalo during the event) and offline, so you can stay in the know and keep a constant pulse on the industry

We hope these tips were helpful, and we can’t wait to see you there! 

👉If you haven’t already registered, click here to secure your spot now! It’s free now, but waiting until you’re at the door comes with a cost.