Deep dive on the skin microbiome

Everywhere you turn, whether it’s the supermarket or the aisle of a beauty store, you’re bound to see a growing number of products that claim to boost gut or skin health by nurturing the microbiome. While many consumers increasingly buy into the importance of taking care of the bacteria that live on us, most don’t understand the intricacies of this delicate symbiotic relationship that we have with these microscopic organisms.

We sat down with expert Harald van der Hoeven to get down to the nitty-gritty of the skin microbiome. 

  • "We have to stop thinking about nurturing the 'good' bacteria and getting rid of the 'bad' bacteria because what our skin needs is a good balance of both."

Harald is a chemist who started his career working for cosmetic brands as head of product development for skincare and sun care products. He switched to the ingredient side when he moved to CLR Berlin, a company that produces active ingredients for the cosmetic industry. He is currently Director of Product Design and Development at CLR Berlin, meaning that he's the person in between R&D, sales and marketing. His background lends him the ability to  
comprehend all the scientific aspects of CLR Berlin's products, but also to understand what customers and consumers want from cosmetic products.

Tune in to learn about this ecosystem of bacteria found just below the surface of our skin so you can better understand various products’ potential in influencing your skin’s microbiome and health.

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