Turner Wyatt is a thought leader when it comes to reducing food waste and building and growing an upcycled food economy. With the help of Turner we got a lot of transparency about the Upcycled Beauty movement, who and what to know and especially on how to act. With the help of Turner, and members of the Upcycled Food Association, we were able to build the "Upcycled" filter on Covalo

Q1: Why did you start the Upcycled Food Association?

Turner Wyatt: According to Project Drawdown, the single greatest solution to climate change is to reduce food waste. We are working to create a new, sustainable product category focused on just that: preventing food waste. Upcycled products prevent food waste by turning otherwise-wasted food into new, high value products and ingredients. The Upcycled Food Association (UFA) was created to be the driving force and center of gravity for the blooming upcycled product industry, which is empowering consumers to prevent food waste via the products they buy.

Q2: What potential does upcycling ingredients have for the cosmetic industry?

Turner Wyatt: They say that what happens in the food industry will also happen in the cosmetics industry; the trends in these two interconnected markets tend to overlap. Upcycled food has been named a top food trend by Whole Foods Market, FoodBev Media, Martha Stewart Magazine, Food Network, and many others. Soon, consumers will be looking for the word "upcycled" on their cosmetics as a main purchase driver.

Q3: Which suppliers and brands are you working with and what is their motivation behind?

Turner Wyatt: UFA is a community of more than 135 Member businesses across more than 20 countries. Across this diverse membership, there are ingredients suppliers, CPGs, retailers, even technology and equipment providers. This network of mission-driven businesses is gaining momentum, creating more exciting products every day.

With two of the UFA members Full Circle and Renmatix we've talked separately to better understand their products and technology.

Q4: Using upcycled ingredients in cosmetics: trend or movement?

Turner Wyatt: UFA is working to ensure consumers can fill their whole carts with upcycled products, including cosmetics. This movement will not only change the ability of consumers to make more sustainable purchases, it will impact their entire manufacturing landscape, as producers commercialize their previously wasted ingredients. 

Q5: Upcycled ingredients are called the next big beauty trend: Why do you think this is? 

Turner Wyatt: 95% of consumers want to prevent food waste in their own lives. I think we're all taught as children that wasting food is unacceptable, so it's second nature for people to want to prevent food waste through the products they buy.

Q6: In light of increasing demands, how can suppliers ensure it's sourced sustainably and from food waste?

Turner Wyatt: This year, UFA will be launching the first-ever certification for upcycled products. This will ensure that certified products are preventing food waste, and therefore contributing to the world's best solution to climate change. Look for the Upcycled Certified logo on certified products starting in 2021!

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