The partnership: a revolution for formulators

EcoMundo and Covalo's partnership consists in the alliance of Covalo's raw material database with EcoMundo’s high end software solution dedicated to the creation and commercialization of cosmetic products.

Covalo's 40.000+ raw material database is one of the most comprehensive existing on the market. Together with this, COSMETIC Factory strengthens its position as a key tool for formulators and cosmeticians with an even more complete cosmetic software. COSMETIC Factory now integrates artificial intelligence, a time base and the blockchain technology, making it one of the most high-end solutions serving the cosmetics industry.

This alliance will allow companies, not only to save a considerable amount of time since there is no need to import data, but it also allows to easily and directly source their raw materials with a sharp search engine. Software users can now directly contact raw material suppliers, and request more information or samples. Cosmetics professionals increase their agility and efficiency when creating a cosmetic product, especially when formulating.

Changing market dynamics

In a consumer-driven market such as the cosmetics industry, market dynamics and trends tend to evolve quickly. Consumers favor “clean” beauty products and brands have to follow. The challenges of the clean beauty movement are important and Covalo and EcoMundo’s partnership seeks to bring clarity to these troubled waters.

EcoMundo’s expertise allied to Covalo's ability to get organic or natural alternatives to ingredients allow cosmeticians to formulate high quality products which answer demand.

With the Covid crisis, we witness an acceleration of processes and an even greater importance is given to collaborative and remote work. In addition, the access to information shall be available 24/7 and in a fully digital way. EcoMundo’s software solution helps digitalize the entire cosmetic product lifecycle, from creation to marketing. The addition of Covalo's database is a step further in the completeness of the software.


EcoMundo - EcoMundo specializes in chemical substances, their action on human health and on the environment, and European regulations governing chemical risks (Cosmetics, REACH, CLP, Biocides regulations, etc.). We support the marketing of industrial products through expert services and software, enabling companies to manage the risks related to chemical substances.

EcoMundo's strength lies in the combination of three complementary areas of expertise:

  • Chemistry/Toxicology
  • Regulations
  • Software development

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Covalo - Covalo™ is the first comprehensive search platform for specialty chemical ingredients and services that connects buyers and suppliers. It enables buyers to quickly find the right ingredients, and arms suppliers with the tools and real-time industry insights needed to effectively market products. Covalo launched in 2021 and is based in Switzerland.