The purpose of the program is to ensure human and environmental safety, to build trust throughout the supply chain with third-party verified transparency, and to help suppliers proactively stay ahead of regulations and trends. At the time of publishing, Covalo already lists fourteen ingredients with the SAFER certification. Check out our new filter here.

Safer ingredients for a better world

Safer ingredients lead to safer products, and safer products enable humans and the environment to thrive. Hazard identification is a vital step in the safety assessment of an ingredient. It's very important for suppliers to provide visibility and transparency on the hazards of their raw materials to be able to partner with the right manufacturers, brands, and reach those consumers who want to buy sustainable products. ChemFORWARD SAFER was designed to help suppliers demonstrate human and environmental safety and build trust with their customers based on a rigorous, third-party process.

With chemical hazard information being just one part of the decision matrix, it has traditionally been expensive, inconsistent, and missing on B2B Marketplaces. ChemFORWARD breaks through these barriers and together we are scaling the availability of this critical information and improving decision-making in the supply chain. From 22 February 2022, brands will be able to choose ingredients with this designation on Covalo, ensuring that you are starting SAFER.

How do ingredients qualify for SAFER?

To be designated as SAFER, all chemicals present at or above 100ppm have been disclosed and assessed by a qualified toxicology firm against ChemFORWARD's enhanced GHS-based hazard methodology. As a new model of data-sharing and benefit-sharing, ChemFORWARD SAFER leverages a shared, globally harmonized repository of chemical hazard assessments (CHAs), to quickly, confidently and cost-effectively provide an assessment of a trade name material. When new data is needed, the supplier procures a chemical hazard assessment with an approved toxicology firm and the new CHAs populate the shared repository.

SAFER on Covalo

Ingredients will be recognized by the ChemFORWARD SAFER badge and will show up on Covalo under the certification filter. Suppliers who qualify for the SAFER designation agree to a Trademark License Agreement which outlines appropriate use of the mark and related claims.

Covalo's focus is on sustainable sourcing. We want to promote sustainable businesses and ingredients on Covalo to make it easer for brands to make informed choices and select the most sustainable products that are on the market today. Create your free account on Covalo here and check out all ingredients with the SAFER certification yourself! 

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