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Beauty is beyond skin-deep, and this year’s Better Aging agenda is all about “extending the beauty span.” Looking and feeling good as we grow older is not just a quick-fix that can be addressed with topicals, or surface-level applications — it truly requires an interdisciplinary holistic approach to be effective.

In 2024, it’s never been more important to go beyond the aesthetics of beauty, and focus on sustainable practices and strategies that empower consumers to live better holistically. These days, consumers are all about developing a long-term and multi-faceted longevity strategy, and beauty brands are in the best position to influence and shift their existing paradigm. Bring your expertise and knowledge to help consumers navigate the roller coaster of the inevitable process of aging, and empower them to extend their beauty span with confidence.

With this multi-faceted, holistic interest in aging better, brands and formulators should consider providing consumers with complete “tool kits” — “packages” of different tools and tactics that work together to accomplish the same goal — to heal, prevent & empower consumers to age gracefully and maintain their strength and vitality over time. Remember, it’s all about life-long care — solutions to enhance and make the most of every life stage, to support all the various needs from birth to old age.

1. Healing Toolkits

Skin fluctuates, and so do our feelings and moods. Offer a holistic healing journey where self-love meets science, with each application renewing and repairing both the skin and emotions. With healing and soothing products in the tool kit, consumers are given the right tools to heal, repair, and bounce back from anything.

  • Formulate healing serums and creams for specific needs and claims, as well as for everyday care. Ensure that consumers have their trusted, gentle, go-to products that guarantee tomorrow’s beauty span by maintaining skin health today and every day. These “First Aid Kit” type products can heal just like the familiar bandages, ointments, and dressings. Use this type of basic, easy-to-grasp language to better appeal to today’s consumers who want to heal. For inspiration, check out the healing Formulation examples on Covalo!
  • Soothing ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier: Use novel ingredients that repair and strengthen the skin barrier. Offer products that treat issues at the root level, rather than over-treating the symptoms — reduce inflammation and soothe the skin to maintain a strong skin barrier that prevents damage, maintains hydration, reduces sensitivity, and promotes healing. Check out these barrier-improving Better Aging ingredients on Covalo.
  • Active ingredients that boost well-being: There are new neurocosmetics innovations that are proven to have a positive influence on the skin-brain feedback loop. AnnonaSense CLR™ by CLR Berlin, for example, is a new active ingredient that improves the look and comfort of skin, reduces psychological stress, and improves quality of sleep. As a result, it reduces the production of cortisol inside the body.
  • Scented healing: Scents can evoke an uplifting, transcendent, or centering spirit, which is why aromatherapy is a powerful healing method. Use safe scents to have a positive impact on the consumers’ well-being and emotions. Skincare products with a pleasant scent can also make a positive impact. Discover ingredients with an uplifting scent on Covalo.
  • Guided meditation access: There are a plethora of meditation resources out there. In your toolkit, consider giving consumers digital access to guided meditation sessions, as a way to help them reduce stress and improve mental well-being. Headspace and Calm are some examples of apps.

2. Prevention Toolkits

It’s always easier to prevent undesirable conditions before symptoms appear, at which point it’s often too late. Consumers are increasingly aware of the stressors that can lead to damaged skin, which might make them appear older. Help them protect their skin from future damage, and maintain long-term skin health.

  • Beyond sunscreens: While sunscreen is known to be absolutely vital in the Better Aging regimen, it’s important to also give consumers the tools to protect and combat all the harmful effects of a busy, modern, 24/7 lifestyle. Targeting the effects of global travel (dehydration, for example), pollution, cigarette smoke, fatigue, etc. Explore the anti-pollution ingredients on Covalo.
  • Immunity ingredients and protocols: Biohacking comes from the desire to be the absolute best version of ourselves, which can hold true at any age, and describes the various tips and tricks for enhancing the body’s ability to function at peak performance. Educate consumers and offer them tools around biohacking protocols to prolong their skin, health, and lifespan. One important aspect of biohacking is regularly eating nutritious and immunity-boosting foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can also use immunity-boosting ingredients in skincare formulations.
  • Innovative microbiome ingredients: The skin’s microbiome is a complex network comprising trillions of bacteria, fungi, viruses and other particles that impact how our skin looks and feels. Biome-based personal care products aim to promote the proliferation of good bacteria while safeguarding against the dominance of bad bacteria. In your formulations, consider probiotic ingredients that help maintain a healthy ecosystem of bacteria on the skin. LALLBIOME 201 & 202®, developed by Sollice Biotech, are tyndallized probiotics obtained by a soft treatment that inhibits the reproduction capacity of microorganisms, while preserving their entire cell structure.
  • New generation hydrators: Climate and lifestyle adaptability is key. Provide consumers with lifestyle tips and tricks depending on what kind of climate they live in — helping them protect their skin and prevent against the damage that might be associated with their location and lifestyle.
  • Educational material: Create helpful and educational guides and resources on protective and preventative daily skincare routines, diet, and lifestyle tips that also encompass social, emotional and cognitive well-being.

3. Empowerment Toolkits

Enable consumers to take control of their skincare journey by enhancing their confidence and knowledge. Remember, everyone’s skin is different, so there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

  • Personalized skincare kits: It’s all about embracing uniqueness and pushing boundaries. With the rise of AI, there are more ways to cater to consumers at an individual level, helping them better understand their skin and its unique needs.
  • Tracking apps: Diagnostic tools are becoming more sophisticated, both at-home and in professional spaces. Allow consumers to log their skincare routines, track progress, and receive personalized recommendations. Visualization of results are key for the future — enabling them to experiment and see results around whether certain products are working, or what needs to be adjusted in their lifestyles.
  • Virtual consultations: In a world where we have information overload in the beauty space, provide them with easy and affordable access to experts and dermatologists.
  • Mindfulness practices: Not just the attention we give to our skin and mind, but also to our dreams, aspirations, and overall purpose.
  • Partnerships are key: Collaborate with wellness experts, dermatologists, and technology companies to enhance your product offerings and services.
  • Marketing and education: Develop marketing campaigns that educate consumers on the benefits of these holistic tool kits and how to use them effectively.

Tips & Takeaways

Empower consumers to embrace an ‘extended beauty span’ lifestyle, giving them the foundations and support across this multifaceted journey. Be the creators of skin longevity by incorporating the latest high-tech modalities and innovative ingredients.

Equip Consumers 

Skincare is a bio-harmonizing ritual from head to toe. Encourage long-lasting positive changes in behavior.

  • Combine traditional ingredients from ancient healing traditions like TCM, ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga and TAIM, with mind/body wellness technologies. Multi-layered treatments that complement each other.
  • Think about different touch points: mid-morning rituals, afternoon rituals, etc. Create a framework for creating ceremonial moments. Think joyous, tactile textures to engage the senses. Scent and potent active ingredients to reinstate a flow state for the skin and self. Demonstrating novelty within the ritual is important, since the consumer is increasingly adventurous and curious about trying new things, especially if they will make them feel good afterwards.

Faster-acting, quick-absorbing formulas

Develop lightweight, fast-absorbing products that fit into busy lifestyles. Think simplicity in application with enhanced efficacy and novel delivery systems.

  • Address the four pillars of skin wellness and health: Skin barrier, Chemical barrier, Microbiome, Immunity. The skin needs ‘rewilding’ to restore & rebuild resilience.
  • The new skin health targets must be inspired by aesthetic medicine and professional services, valuing both speedy results and long term care
  • Use language that resonates when selling to consumers.
  • Collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team a must for tapping into the holistic Better Aging journey. Hospitals, doctors, practitioners &  therapeutic experts, e.g. Lymphatic masters, Acupuncturists, etc.

Efficient Routines

Create multi-functional products that streamline skincare routines without compromising effectiveness. 

New diagnostics

Beyond skin analysis - Biomarker testing is the future of diagnostics. Hormones, DNA, Blood. In the future, we will be able to look towards protein testing for gut and proteome.

Emotion as a marker of efficacy

Products must be efficacious as well as cosmetically elegant. Creating new textures will bring new values, new benefits, and will help create a buzz. Create your own functional signature scent which can be energizing, calming, or uplifting. Think haptic qualities (texture, heat, viscosity, etc.) that stimulates the senses of touch and motion. Leverage Neurocosmetics ingredients to have a real positive impact on the mind.

When it comes to helping consumers age better, be more than a skincare brand, and embody the role of their trusted partner or guide. These 3 toolkits are designed to help you think holistically about how to better cater to consumers as they increasingly crave a multi-faceted longevity strategy that goes beyond skin deep.

👉 To get started building these toolkit offerings to consumers, check out the below ingredient lists on Covalo: